The 1100th Movement

Let's all head to the tipping point axle and hang ten.

Friday, April 4, 2008


I have come to the conclusion that the best way for us to maintain the balance between individual rights and community obligations is by thinking of our tax status as individual citizenshops, operating within a political-economy in which the national bank needs to become a membership-owned/citizen-owned credit union. Service fees would replace taxes, but those fees would either be lowered by individuals who provided benefits to others, or the fees would be lowered to those who needed access to defined levels of social credit depending on their needs, administered through programs re-developed on preexisting best practices.
Bureaucrats would be regarded as credit union employees, politicians would become board members.
Corporations would become history, because of the essential flaw in their having no legal conscience to bind them in a court of law. With the passing of corporations so would unions also pass away, except the credit union of citizens, and the union of bureaucrats. The civil employees in that union would all be employed to maintain the state according to the directions of the government, which would continue to be elected in "General Meetings" at the polls, and in accordance with a charter based on many of the customs and traditions of the House of Commons. The Board/Commons would be non-partisan, and would answer to electors as the board does in a credit union to the membership. Politicians would oversee the staff and develop policies for securing the mutual benefit of all members of all local, bio-regional, bio-territoral, bio-national and bio-international watershed societies.
Individually, we would all have the tax status of citizenshops, we would all be able to organize ourselves to certain degrees of limited liabilities through homeshop benefit societies (which could be co-ops that were either family-based or house-mate based) we would all also be allowed to organize our personal economies as members of community/community-of-interest co ops, buying clubs, workers co-ops, and other common arrays of customary associational behaviors, as defined as acceptable through new codes that would be created based on current charters, constitutions, criminal and family laws etc.
Privacy law and enclosure practices would need to be redefined based on negotiations that ensure access for all to the bounty of the commons in all local watersheds and across all territorial lands and waters.

The soul of common law is the crown charter, based on the philosophical view of the Earth and the inherent bounty of life here as being gifts of Providence to all life, gifts which, in the end, are beyond the power of any group or individual to oppose by will for long, and beyond the ability of any community to long deny to the living.

The essence of a society beneficial to all independent communitarians, would be a charter that guides custom, while allowing for privacy and associational freedom,
recognizing that we are symbiotic lifeforms living on a symbiotic planet.
I Am The Way I Am, meets I And Thou and flourishes.

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