The 1100th Movement

Let's all head to the tipping point axle and hang ten.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The context of the Leaks

Corporatism: Mussolini was defeated in WW2 (after having been aided and abetted by the Conservative Party of Canada as well as Bush League Americans and the followers of King Edward the fascist in England) but fascism - what Mussolini called the union of corporations and the state - won the war, the Cold War was the subsequent ruse by which western democracies were conquered from within: America is home to the greatest corporatist regime in the history of the world as evidenced by the shakedown of the American economy by bankers and the fact that the source of 95% of the world's opium is still flowing after 9 years of War in Afghanistan. The metaphor is Reagonomics via Iran-Contra: a drugs,arms and money economy in which corporatists control pseudo-democracies, and which began when the American military fist allied itself with the mafia in NY Apr. '42. The payoff for the mob took place in 2007-08 when they were allowed to launder 352 billion dollars in narcotics profits into the global banking system.

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