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Friday, March 9, 2007

Biz Stone and The Symbiosis of Blogging

In reading Biz Stone's book Who let the Blogs Out ? (St. Martin's Griffin Publ.) it is quite evident that the blogosphere is a electronic creature rooted in mutual benefit through the feedback loop/site link process.
From my own perspective however technology is, was and ever more shall be no more than a metaphor for the state of human consciousness. Being symbiotic beings living on a Symbiotic Planet, humans are actually arrays of feedback loops between the lifeforms that breathe for us and metabolize our food for us, and us - their traveling companions. But since most people don't know that, the blogspehere is allowing us to learn it.
I personally suspect that the energy requirements of the Internet will be become so extreme that when the rest of the world's environmental/energy problems come home to roost in 25 years or so that the whole internet will collapse. But when it does, the cause of mutual benefit will be so far advanced, that the energy each of us has inside of us will be used to transform life on earth, not through technology (although obviously there will be all kinds of people re-using the pieces of the past to sustain themselves and their loved ones.)
The new 'brane'/superstring theorists have charted a theoretical world of wonder in which we live already, but which suggests a universe created by energy dances so minute that technology will never be able to take advantage of the science.
I think the problem is arising because the physicists are looking at the problem in the wrong way. Even the choice of the word 'brane theory' over the original 'membrane theory' helps explain why. Brane is like brain, something for brainiacs only, something to be abstracted to the finest degree by the finest minds. Bigger and bigger particle accelerators are required to smash life into smaller and smaller pieces.
Given that all life on the planet is symbiotic, made up of gadzillions of feedback loops vibrating across the membranes of living creatures, the search for proof of 'brane' theory will be most productive in 'membrane' theory. There are scores of levels at which measurements can be taken and controls established. We have circadian - daily rythmns - all the way up to circa-annual and all the way down to circa-micro second rhythms, and all of them are producing an array of frequency patterns, each link enlarging the feedback loop.
The human body alone, has seventy-five trillion cells and a multi-zillionic array of symbionts floating around inside those cells in our protoplasm, each sending bio-chemical/electronic signals across the membrane of our nucleus and to the others, creating gadzillions of signals out through our cell walls and on through the feedback loops of our emotional-intellectual neural peptide links that in turn emit ions that are in turn triangulated by the three electromagnetic fields that the human body produces (the smallest, is the brain's, the next largest the lungs, and the largest, is the ten foot spherical field of the heart.)
Christiaan Huygen's theory of entrainment, which the HeartMath Institute has proven can be consciously applied to creating both individual and group coherency in stressful situations, is yet another means by which 'membrane theory' can be studied.
My personal guess is that the discoveries awaiting membrane theorists will tell us more about our spirit/bodies than about the next generation of gadgets for the masses. It is also my belief that when our consumer/techno world collapses of its own weight, the metaphors of 'membrane theory'' will be there to help us become new creatures in a new creation.


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