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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Death Knell for Social Darwinism

We are entering an age in which the ideology of dominant predator capitalism and politics will inevitably give way before the realities of symbiotic biology. There are seventy-five trillion cells in the average human being and there are symbiotic lifeforms with their own DNA floating around in the protoplasm of every one of those cells. There are more of their cells than there are of ours. Ours are just bigger.
Human beings don't breathe for ourselves, we don't metabolize food for ourselves, the symbionts in our cells do it for us. They used to be called organelles, but they have their own genetic codes, their own purposes.
There are only a few types of symbionts in us, but they are in every other animal on the planet, their kin are in every plant on the planet. They got there through failed attempts at predation. If there is one common purpose all life on Earth has it is to regulate the atmosphere in which we all share, dead or alive, we are atmosphere producing beings. Living Breath transmitters.
Insurance companies began their existences as Mutual Benefit Societies. They were communities of independent individuals cooperating for the good of their loved ones.
Like the rise and fall of religions and the rise and fall of government, the rise and fall of the corporate economy shall likewise pass, and with the need for unions. In the same way that bloggers are taking back control of the Internet, co-operating consumers will eventually take back control of the market.
What's a Chamber of Commerce but a collection of cooperating entrepreneurs ? We are associational lifeforms. But as in the chemical theory of opposites, where the colour red is identified by an after image of green, which proves that we are seeing red, the after-image of association is dissociation.
The ability to dissociate ourselves from the whole, proves not just our individuality, but our commonality, for not only can we all dissociate, we need to do so now and again. That is what enlightened self-interest is really about, its why the green movement is growing by leaps and bounds. We all need clean air to breathe, we all need clean water to drink, we all need healthy food to eat. And the best way to get it is by recognizing that what benefits us all benefits us individually. And yet, if individuals don't dissociate themselves from the common cause the uncommon cause will remain undiscovered.


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